March 1, 2011

Its never the same on the way down
How does it feel when your feet finally hit the ground?!



February 28, 2011

should i wait? should i try something else?

why cant i be more selfish sometimes and just do the right thing i really need to do? why keep putting myself on the other side of the history?! maybe i do deserve all the carp im putting up with… but maybe things are just what they are and period. there’s no guilty, no responsible…no ones fault or something that you do.

things have, for some reason, different times to happen, and sometimes is about “what goes around comes around”, but sometimes, it’s just about, timing and period.

we all just wish we didn’t feel this thing inside that pushes us up to these things, to say, to dom to think so much about a thing that its not worthy losing minutes, hours, days or 2 years thinking about and kinda freeze your own life.

ignorance really is a bliss….i’d be sleeping by now…